Mamma’s Day.


If you’re anything like me, you always struggle to get the perfect gift that represents the perfect meaning for Mother’s Day.

My mom is such a special woman, and I hope you think the same of your mother. She has sacrificed so much for me, so that I can have the life I live now. It hasn’t been easy, migrating to a country she didn’t know, selling all her possessions to support my education, and giving up a relationship with my biological father for good.

With Mother’s day approaching and a mom (who although very physically agile and young at heart) is aging and showing signs of being a little forgetful, I was drilling my brain for ideas to make this Mother’s Day the most special yet. See, things have been changing at home a bit. My mom is still cleaning, cooking and dancing, but she’s aging. Things that were easy for her before are becoming difficult, she gets a bit paranoid trapped in her own mind and it concerns us so much that I have to sometimes take a step back and breathe out of frustration that I can’t help her.

I dont want to make this post too personal, but I hope this makes you realize how precious life is and yet how fleeting your normal day to say can get from one second to the other. At this point, my mom has a closet full of clothes, jewels, and everything you can think of as far as gifting is concerned.


SOOOO, I decided to make this Mother’s Day about creating new experiences and memories for her and I.

Thankfully, one of her favorite singers will be in town this Saturday, the day before Mothers Day… So I got us decent tickets for his concert at The American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL. Concerts can be a bit pricy, but theres many websites that sell tickets and sometimes you get lucky to score decent ones. A concert that your mom could throughly enjoy is a great idea for a gift even if the actual concert is after Mother’s Day. Just get a cute card, make it your own, and put the stubs in there as a gift.

Mommy and Me Spa Day: this sounds utterly cliche, but its so good! By spa I don’t mean go all out and get really expensive massages, although if you can the experience will be worth it. My mom is not so into spa dates because she hasn’t tried much, but this is perfect for her because it gives her a new experience. You can get massages and or facials via groupon (check reviews), manicure or pedicures, or any other treatment that will give mom a much needed break (bonusL you get a break too). However, if you’re a guy you might want to pass on this (if not more power to you), call the spa and make arrangements on your behalf. They can coordinate the services, the tips, and even the bubbly you can surprise mom with once she checks in.

Beach or Picnic Date: How cute would it be to take mom out for a day to just talk, relax? If I learned anything from my mom, is that she appreciates the time she spends with me doing whatever as opposed to a pricy gift. TIME is of the essence! Dollar stores have cute little utensils, napkins, plates, and decor that you can add to your picnic basket and blanket. Get creative with it and with the food. Buy a cute bottle of champagne or wine and toast mom!

Some other things I can think of:

  • Cook for her
  • Plan a family bbq at her house
  • Take her shopping if you’re not into gift shopping.
  • Take her to a sporting event! I would love for my mom yo join Jerry and I at one of his games. My mom loves baseball and hockey.
  • Create a scrapbook of you and her.
  • An outdoor brunch setting (weather permitting in your area)
  • if you’re away from mom, flower deliveries are cute but take any ideas above and make it reach her. You can buy her the concert tickets, the spa day, and have it sent to her.

Whatever your idea is, make it your own. Mom knows ūüôā

I’ll post more about my day with my mom on Sunday and I hope it can inspire you maybe for the next year ūüôā



Baseball and Long Distance

“Being away from him, or goodbyes every 6-10 days, are the hardest things Ive done”


Many of my friends have always wondered: “how can you do the long distance thing?”– others have wondered and even asked me straight up, if I’m not scared that he will cheat because he’s a professional athlete and he’s away a lot… my thing is TRUST. No trust, no relationship, no matter who you are.

I grew up and live in Miami, he was born, raised, and lives in Palmdale, California and travels for 7 months for baseball…

We are in a long distance cul de sac, and have been for the last two years.

Having worked in baseball, I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew the schedule, the traveling hassle, the psychological aspect of the game, how to cheer him on and how to pick up the pieces which made it easier for us to find a way to make it work. A baseball player, or any pro athlete needs those fundamentals coming from their corner: constant support, dedication to THEIR career, a coach, but most of all a lover… a person that will never fail them.

How I met Jerry was very unorthodox but very 21st century (we facetimed the first day). We were already plagued by the long distance but we knew that finding each other was part of a bigger reason. He knew I knew baseball, I knew he knew how to love me right. Baseball takes a lot from you and its constantly humbling you, but it gave me Jerry and this beautiful life.

(Pause Jerry just called to say good morning…)


In the first stages of our relationship, we have to jump over a lot of hurdles, whether they were personal, professional, or others… but we stuck it out together. This helped shape the rest of our relationship for we both knew we had someone that wouldn’t leave if the currents got strong. Soon after we were approaching the start of his first FULL season, and I got scared. How was his schedule going to affect the amount we spoke, I had a new city to travel to, new friends to make, was he going to be overwhelmed with it all? ¬†Was I a distraction?… all these questions ran through my mind faster than Ive ever ran on a treadmill.

Jerry and I, we had an understanding, he knew that for me to do my part and play my role correctly in the book of his life, he needed to understand that he had someone with him now. So we sat down and talked, he knew I needed him to make time for me somehow. So we agreed we would FaceTime every night even for 10 minutes. People take for granted that “how was your day?” question because they see someone everyday, “how was your day?” was the most important question I ask daily. I want to know the little things : what did he eat, who is his roommate on this road trip, what shows is he watching on the firestick, how the game was live (on the days I’m not there), did the umpire make the right call.. why? because it creates the picture in my head, and it makes distance null. If I know these little things, especially the things about the Jerry I know, not the baseball player, then I’m not missing out.

I travel a lot, at least once a month sometimes more, I travel to see him. I have created a work schedule and a lifestyle that thankfully lets me have a flexible schedule so that I can go to the games and the important dates like our anniversary (yes he asked me to officially be his girlfriend during spring training!). When you are a girlfriend, or wife, to someone who has this lifestyle, you have sacrifice a little bit of your own. Whether you relocate, quit a job, put your own career or dreams on hold for ¬†bit (you will accomplish them), are left to pick up your entire life after a trade, have to travel constantly, have to miss your friends because you’re stuck on an extra innings game… miles away, the sacrifice is not easy but its worth it. Its the purest form of it, sacrificing something for the sake of the dreams of the person you love. Ladies, you are amazing.


So my tips are:

  1. travel as often as you can
  2. talk about life and the future
  3. video chat as much as you can
  4. ask for the morning phone call if not call them just to say good morning
  5. make time
  6. if you are ever in doubt, TALK. If no solution is offered, then really ponder if someone that’s not willing to meet you halfway is worth it.
  7. Always know your value and what you bring to the table
  8. His career is HIS career. YOU met him playing ball (he’s been probably doing it since little league) so we have no option to discuss how he goes about it. I’ve met people who have quit baseball or other things because of a significant other, that to me, is crazy.
  9. Know he won’t be there for a birthday, Easter, heck, maybe even Valentine’s Day. Its up to you to make it happen. His contract is his contract. Baseball is baseball.
  10. Love each other unconditionally. Cry when you leave, miss them so much. It makes you and [your relationship] stronger.

I will continue on this as I learn more about this life I am living. But this is part one.

Love and Baseball


New York/Hamptons Adventures (Girls Trip)

Live Bad and Boujee…


(Me, Kathy and Shirley from left to right)

Hello Loves,

There are several things that make my heart happy. Examples are Jerry, Baseball, Fashion, Makeup, YOU, Family, and my FRIENDS!

Believe it or not, this was the first time all three of us (4 including my best friend’s baby girl) were out of the state together. I had previously traveled with Shirley to Atlanta, and we’ve had all travelled to Disney World together… but this was our first actual BIG trip (airplane and all!).

We decided to be “bad and boujee” and go to Manhattan then take a two day trip to a rented house in the Hamptons. Over view, the craziness we’ve got ourselves into made this trip so memorable! — I wanted to share with you guys some of the things we deemed must do in New York and why! (Disclaimer: this trip was very emotional for me because usually I’m on a plane to see Jerry, but I am so glad I got this trip in with the girls)


(Picture taken from the Jersey City, NJ of the One World Trade Center’s Freedom Tower)

Manhattan (Day 1): we got off the plane in Newark, and took an Uber to The City, and boy did I miss the NYC hustle. To some its hectic and chaotic, but I tend to find beauty in chaos!

We checked in a our hotel for the night, and I highly recommend you guys check it out. Its called¬†Ink 48, a Kimpton Hotel¬†located in the Hell’s Kitchen area of NYC.¬†We were throughly impressed by the super kind and attentive staff (they offered wine from 4-6PM in the lobby), the cleanliness of the rooms and hotel areas, the amazing rooftop deck and bar, and the spacious rooms that are not easy to find in the city.


(Sitting at the rooftop bar of the INK48 Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC)

Outfit Details

Top- From Boohoo ( Boohoo Top)   (Similar Style)

Pants and Coat: Purchased locally at a boutique (V’s Vanity and D’or Fashions)

Shoes: Forever 21

Throughout the day we travelled to Tribeca and made our way to the World Trade Center to pay our respects to the victims of the horrific events of September 11, 2001. Seeing the basins of the towers, the survivor tree, and the new Freedom Tower gave me reassurance that this nation, can go through its darkest time, and still RISE!

We then grabbed lunch in the SoHo area of Manhattan at Jade’s and grabbed some amazing cupcakes and Georgetown Cupcakes! (We also mightve done a little bit of shopping in SoHo and in 5th Avenue).

Central Park Adventures (Day 2):


Outfit Deatils: Set of Shirt and Shorts from Zara, Purse from Tory Burch, Hat from Forever 21.

We decided on the morning of day 2 before we departed to the Hamptons that we will walk along Central Park, a must do in NYC. Shirley being the adventorous soul she is, had researched that we can rent canoes and row down the canal in the park which had breathtaking views of the city’s skyline.


Later that day we departed to East Hampton via the Hamptons Jitney ( We payed for the ambassador ticket ($50/one way) which they offered snacks and wine for the two hour trip.

We quickly discovered that when in the Hamptons, you MUST rent a car. They do NOT have uber or lyft¬†servicing the area, and taxis got really expensive for a short trip. I’ll like to thank everyone at the Southampton and East Hampton Entreprise Car Rentals for saving us the headache!)


(Picture taken by Kathy at the East Hampton Airport, in East Hampton, NY)

Outfit Details:

Wrap: Purchased online years ago :(,  Leggings from Lululemon,  tweety bird clutch from Zara, Sunglasses High Key from Desi Perkins x Quay Australia, Shoes are Jelly Sandals from Forever 21 (only $7)

Once we finally had a car, we could actually explore the Hamptons we went to Sag Harbor which offered breathtaking views of the coast (locals say in the summer the yachts all parade here), and went to the actual beach. I am so in love with this town and cant wait to return one day with Jerry!


(Jacket from Lululemon– Picture in Sag Harbor, East Hampton,NY)


(Atlantic Ocean views from East Hampton)

That night we decided that we would do some groceries and cook in the house to enjoy some time together and alone, and also enjoy the rental! I always enjoy taking one night to relax while on vacation, it gives me time to reflect how lucky I am to even be on one!

We headed back to the City and Jersey in the morning, but we made a quick stop in something very scary! We decided that while driving back through Long Island, we would stop in Amityville and visit the House  that has inspired many horror films including the The Amityville Horror and The Conjuring after the fact that in November 13, 1974 Ronald De Feo murdered 6 members of his own family in the house claiming the House told him to do it. ( Amityville Horror Story)

Apparently, the house itself is said to carry a demon that makes the male of the house… kill. My friends and I were scared but we decided to drop by anyways. Bellow I’ll post two pictures (one of Shirley taking a picture of the property, and the one picture that she took at that exact moment):




If you check out Shirley’s Instagram: somegirlthere, she posts a closer comparison where people have even called her scared that something appears in the bottom left window. I dont know guys, but this is definitely my first and last trip here!

Once back (safe) in Jersey City we decided that we would lay low that night taking in our hotel’s ammenities. Link to our wonderful Jersey Hotel here:¬†The Westin Jersey City

Day 4: The next day  (and our last, we had our flight out at 7PM back to Miami) we decided to get up early and see the Statue of Liberty! I had only seen her from far and it was something that we can do as a family (5 year old in tow). We booked our ticket on the ferry on Please get there with plenty of time and comfy shoes. Its a long line and lots of walking. Enjoy the pics below:

As always, New York never disapoints and I cant wait to go back with Jerry maybe for Valentine’s Day next year if he doesnt report to camp earlier in 2018.

Please comment if you are planning a trip and want to learn of MORE places to go to that I did NOT mention for there are some!

More Pictures of the 9/11 memorial in Liberty Park, NJ:

(some of the debris recovered from the Twin Towers, and NJ’s memorial to their fallen heroes).

Love and Baseball,


La Mer Event — And It Changed My Life!

Because we all somehow, somedays struggle with our skin…


Hello Beauties,

About two weeks ago I was invited by the lovely employees of La Mer at Nordstrom in Dadeland Mall (Miami, FL) to their event for the launch f their new brightening mask. I was so excited because I had previously tried some La Mer products and I LOVED them but due to the fact that they are a bit pricy I was searching for alternatives.

I have problematic skin. I struggled with real painful, cystic acne for most of my teen (and early adulthood) years. This type of acne left obviously discoloration (acne scarring) on my skin. Even though my actual active pimples had toned it down, my skin wasn’t smooth (texture) and I had to wear makeup to cover the redness they left behind.

I was exhausted.

I couldn’t find any product that would actually change my skin… Keep in mind, we spend so much money on cheaper products when we can spend once a bigger amount and have the product actually work. So please don’t let pricing scare you.


The staff as La Mer in Dadeland were hiding this event and they were able to showcase their other products as well, taking us step by step on what our routine should be like for our skin type (Thanks Jorge!). The cool thing about La Mer besides the fact that they WORK is that the masks are NOT meant to be taken off– you leave them on and go on about your routine!

La Mer was created by a chemist who has bad burns and he researched that some algae in the sea can help skin heal from different types of traumas (burns, scars, sun spots, etc). He created what they call a “miracle broth” to include in all their products to give you that skin you’ve always dreamed of.

As I said, I tried everything. Dermatologists, medication, antibiotics, facials, and countless of less expensive and expensive products alike, and I never got the “nice skin” compliment, until NOW! You guys have no idea what it means to me to have the confidence to walk out of my house with no makeup on!

By all means ALL these products were purchased by me and or sampled with my purchases, none were given to me.


I had sampled the “Concentrate” once and literally overnight my skin was different. It had calmed down the bumpy texture on my congested skin and it had helped heal any acne acne. For me that was a miracle. I had tried everything and my answer had been all along in this bottle. The Concentrate runs a bit pricy at Nordstroms with the smallest size at $180, but I promise you if you’re as desperate as I was to gain some control from my acne for my skin’s sake, please ask to sample it and consider this product! It’s life changing. Jorge, the associate, explained to me that as the name states, the concentrate is a concentrated miracle broth created by La Mer that works all day long (applied twice daily) to give you flawless skin in a span of 6 months, I saw results immediately after.

Because of the results of The Concentrate, I decided to purchase a full size of it and I cannot live without it.


After the event where I got to sample an entire routine, I decided to purchase the following:

  • The Cleansing Micellar Water – Helps removed all makeup and impurities from my skin. This literally gives me moisture and freshness! My skin feels so clean after I apply this with a cotton pad!
  • The Moisturizing Soft Creme: ¬†La Mer’s baby! This is their most famous product and simply the best moisturizer there is. Its ingredients also include a bit of the concentrate (double dosage!). My skin no longer feels dry if I have to treat a monthly breakout (barely get any!) and dry from traveling as well, so I splash this on (make sure to rub with fingers then pat on your skin) before boarding an airplane so my skin remains hydrated and treated!
  • The Intensive Revitalizing Mask: Extra Moisture to give that dewy look and we all enjoy! The mask is literally water for my skin! I us this at night before bed about three times a week!

La Mer has so many serums and cremes and routines designed for each particular skin type! But I can assure you that whatever you’re looking to treat they’ll have an answer that actually works!

Kudos La Mer for giving me the confidence I NEVER had for my skin!

Please finds the links for the products mentioned here:

Nordstrom La Mer Page

Read more about “The Concentrate”:¬†The Concentrate

If you’re in the Miami area, and are interested in La Mer please visit Jorge at Dadeland Mall (Nordstrom). I promise he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to skin!



Spring Training in The Desert Heat


It’s THAT time of the year!

At least that’s what gets Jerry and I up in the mornings. As you guys can probably tell by the fact that my blog has a little bit of a baseball twist, Jerry plays baseball in the San Diego Padres organization. So our lives have been a lot of traveling in the last month and getting adjusted to a new year, new teammates, new girlfriends to count on, and new climates (my skin needed moisture in Arizona!).

I got to spend our anniversary together, which for as long as he is with the Padres, we will celebrate in Peoria, Arizona where they train.


I do love this part of town, its quaint with everything you need just a few blocks away. The town itself in growing and expanding into new, and super nice, neighborhoods complete with hiking trails, good shopping and good food.

The complex itself is great, compared to the few I’ve been to. Its home to the San Diego Padres and the Seattle Mariners. The staff is super friendly, and the fields are nice (plus S/O to the Padres for thinking of us and shading the bleachers!)

I was lucky to meet some of the other girlfriends and wives, I know a few of you can relate, I’m not the best at making new friends. But in this lonesome life we can sometimes live, they are my go-tos. They understand that the love we have, and deeply believe in, can over shadow any uncertainty this life can hand us. We do not know when they’ll leave to a new town, or if they’d get traded at anytime with obviously no warning. We are away from family, friends, and what we are acquainted with. We are each other’s support group.

I had so much fun in Arizona, exploring with my new gals, and spending time with my love! — But you know I had to talk about what I packed and the skincare regimen I stuck with the last week in a climate much different than at home.

Arizona is dry, hot, and well, DRY! Coming from a humid, tropical climate, I was having a hard time swallowing, or breathing. My nose hurt. My skin was brittle, and felt dry. So I decided to be prepared! This mix of products really helped me out to get my skin to a soft glowy one, and did not break me out (I DO have problematic skin at times). If you have dry skin to even combination but are getting on an airplane (be prepared for dryness!) these products can help!



Note: As stated, I have breakout prone skin. However, these products did NOT break me out. AS ALWAYS, with any skincare products, test patch first!

  • 1.Dr. Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer: This product is legit water for your skin, its easy to apply, SUPER refreshing, and gives you a slight glow great for makeup prep! My skin felt amazingly hydrated! Purchase Here:¬†Dr Jart+ Water Drop Moisturizer
  • IPKN Pore Apple Sun Cream: SPF was a big factor to packing for Arizona! I am exposed sitting at baseball games to constant sun. It’s not forgiving to I came prepared! This product not only has SPF 40, it also works as a pore minimizer! It smells AMAZING! Just like apples! Purchase Here:¬†IPKN New York Pore Apple Sun Cream
  • First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Coconut Skin Smoothie Primer Moisturizer: YES! I added another moisturizer to my skin in Arizona (never too much in my case!). This one I bought on a whim because I love coconut products. I find that coconut primers do not break me out, hold on to my makeup well in intense heat, and soothes my skin. It has a pinkish tone to it, but it blends easily, it gives me a subtle glow, and it does the JOB! ¬†A little goes a LONG way! Purchase Here:¬†First Aid Beauty Hellow Fab Coconut Primer
  • Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray: LIFE CHANGER! SUPER AFFORDABLE, and what works best is that it sets my makeup and i can reapply throughout the day as needed to get a refreshing mist! The rose and aloe in this product provided soothing qualities to help you tackle whatever the issue may be! Purchase Here:¬†Mario Badescu Facial Spray
  • Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment: I read reviews upon reviews for this product before I decided to sample it, because its a bit pricy for the full size bottle. A little goes a long way with this one too and I AM convinced. I took this for more of a nighttime rescue to some texture I had going on with my skin due to traveling. This has completely smoothed out my skin (along with another product I am saving for its own post). I highly suggest it, again, I have problematic skin¬†and nothing really did work ūüė¶ This stuff is LEGIT! Purchase Here:¬†Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum
  • GlamGlow hydrating mask and Caudalie eye cream are excellent and part of my regular skincare routine. I just started using eye creams a few months back due to under eye circles and this one has been the best one so far! Purchase Here:¬†Caudalie Eye Cream¬†–¬†I would also suggest the Kiehls Avocado eye cream that is more affordable- Purchase Here:¬†Kiehls Eye Cream.¬†
  • Flight 001 Quart Travel Bag: PERFECT for traveling with everything you NEED! I absolutely ADORE this brand for my hectic travel schedule! Purchase Here:¬†Flight 001 Quart Bag¬†// or HERE:¬†Flight 001 Website

I hope you enjoyed the skincare routine that I adapted for Arizona, and helps you on your travels or dry skin days! As always, these are products purchased by me, in a mission to a beautiful glow that stands throughout the day.

Remember to follow me on social media where I answer questions about them ASAP!

Next blog post will be about a local little gem I get super cute outfits from!

Love and Baseball,