Santa Barbara

“The things I treasure are the memories I make in our own backyard in the USA”

Santa Barbara, California 2017


Hello everyone!

Sorry I have been so MIA, but I’m back with tons of things to talk about and share! I had an amazing chunk of time off with Jerry. Except we got into it with Hurricane Irma when he came to visit right after season. Obviously while taking all precautions, my mind became a storm of its own, and with no power–no blogs… (insert ugly cry face here).

Soon after the hurricane, Jerry and I ventured off to Disney World and after, back to his home state of California. Him and his family took me on my first camping trip just a few minutes away from Santa Barbara– I am sharing with you guys some of the pictures of SB in hopes that you do visit this gem by the ocean…and mountains!


Santa Barbara Pier

Jerry’s sister, Brittany, thought of renting a four people bike and ride down the coast. As a beach girl, it was the first time my Atlantic self experienced a coast line and big mountains at the same time.

Clockwise: Jerry, Dalton, and Brittany on the bike! 

The bike is highly recommended and the also have scooter rentals that can make your time much more fun. The rental is $39 with a free second hour.

The best cup of coffee you can have to pick up your afternoon at State Street Cafe, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is filled with recreational things to do such as water sports, street side shops and very instagramable coffee shops! There are many restaurants and even wine tasting tours if you do some with more time to spare than we did! I would recommend passing by the visitor’s center to gather coupons for these activities and even “Groupon”.

Walking by the shore, wearing Flynn Skye coverup. 
Best Travel Purse: Longchamp medium tote, available at Nordstrom or Longchamp Stores. Link here: Longchamp Tote

Hope you guys do visit Santa Barbara, for what I have seen the entire California coast line is a must do off any bucket list!



PS: Lets all pray for the world, and pray for Vegas.


My Summer Sandal (Quick Looks Edition)

It’s always imperative to have cute summer sandals — luckily, in Miami, we get to probably wear them year round.

I was at Miami International Airport waiting on an American Airlines flight to visit Jerry and ran into a store called “Coco Bay”– I fell in LOVE with all their resort wear. Got a cute coverup, bracelet and some teal and rose gold sandals that caught my eye.

Wearing the Ipanema Sandals in the style “Wave Heart”

I asked the store clerk if they had a website and they said NO, however I’m sure Amazon, and eBay will offer the products by searching “Coco Bay Resort Wear”.

The sandals I bought were from the brand “Ipanema” a Brazilian mega-house for sandals. You guys have NO IDEA how many compliments I’ve gotten and/or people stopping me every time I wear them to ask where they can buy them. Since the demand is high for them here is the information I was able to find:

Brand: Ipanema

Model: Wave Heart

Available: Online or Nordstrom as well as independent retailers. Link here:

Nordstrom (available in only black and silver): Ipanema Wave Heart Sandal

Wave Hear Sandal in the color teal and rose gold, which is the ones I own. 

The sandals’ sole has a wave design that mold to the foot creating a cushion making it comfortable to walk in for hours. Some flip-flops for me cause my feet to really hurt.

Relaxing with my cute sandals on the weekend


Cheers, Ipanema. 

Highly recommend them for the look and the comfort.







Letters To Jerry — Last Thursday.

“I live my life so unbelievably proud of the man my heart chose to love forevermore”

Last Thursday, my love, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit nervous. I want you to finish strong. I want you to prove everyone that you belong there overall.

Baseball season is approaching its end and with it end so many memories that this year offered to us. But this is the most important part of the year for you, and because of that I get nervous that if things don’t go exactly as planned…how do I pick up the pieces?

Jerry and I in Surprise, AZ for Spring Training 2017. 

Last Thursday you showed everyone why you are a true professional. You pitched a complete game, gave up only two hits while striking out 9. Last Thursday, you showed me that you will always come back from a bad outing or injury stronger than ever. Last Thursday you showed me that you won’t give up on anything. Last Thursday you told my worries to rest easy. Last Thursday, I fell in love even more– not with the man on the mound, but the heart that fights for it all.

Thank you for being you– last Thursday– AND  every Thursday I’ve been with you and Thursdays to come.

Claudia 2017

My Florida Diary (Part 2): Disney World

“Truly, the happiest place on Earth”

A Quick Guide to the Happiest Place on Earth

My Favorite Months to Visit: September- December – But anytime will do just as well. 

Main Street, U.S.A (Magic Kingdom, Disney World Resort).


In continuation of my favorite places to visit in my home state of Florida, I bring you the most magical of all.

If you are ever thinking of visiting Florida, you’ll probably include Disney World to your plans. I don’t blame you. I live here and I try to add it to my plans bi-monthly!

What’s amazing about the Walt Disney Company, is that they truly meet every expectation. They will make sure their services are top-notch in every sense of its magical promise.

Being a Florida resident, I am an annual pass holder. I get little perks by paying a monthly fee (there are several choices that can be customized to fit your needs as far as pricing). I get access to each of the 4 theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot) with no blackout dates, free parking, and my own little entrance. Being a pass holder also gets you discounts at theme park stores for merchandise and hotels.

Disney World “Magic Bands” (right) link your pass (entrance to the park), hotel reservation and key, credit card information (no purse needed at the theme parks (pin assigned at resort), fast passes (recommended). The gift card with a wristlet I use to deposit money for Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival (read below). 

I can go on and on about what I love about each theme park, but for this blog post I decided to name my top 3 Disney World hotels and restaurants.  I will also write a brief intro to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival and why it’s a must do for me annually. I will write a blog post when I go in September about this years festival. A more informative blog posts about the Parks will come later as well–think whats rides do I recommend and why).


  • The Grand Floridian: Probably the most majestic of all– The Grand Floridian stands as a staple in the grounds of the Walt Disney World Resort. Equipped with even a Wedding Pavillion, it truly is something out of a fairy tale. Its white structure and the contrast of its brick roof, stands reminiscent of San Diego’s Hotel del Coronado. I must note, each hotel has restaurants you may visit without being a guest. However reservations are a must and ideal. [Download the Disney World app to manage reservations for restaurants, hotel, and ride fast passes plus much more– It links all to your registered Magic Band from the app!). It is Disney’s go-to Luxury Hotel.
  • The Polynesian Hotel and Resort: If you ever want to feel like straight out of a scene from Lilo & Stitch and Moana, This is the hotel of your tiki dreams. A movie is screened in each of the Disney Properties at night for you and the kids, on your relaxing night ins. Make use of this, your feet will thank you after walking those parks! The shore of the Lake that leads into the Magic Kingdom reaches the shore of the Polynesian making it feel like you’re in a island gateway instead of the Middle of Florida! The decor has been studied and structure to close represent Polynesian culture, making it truly exquisite.
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge: Ever dreamt of going an African Safari? Waking up to the hot sunrise of the Sahara, surrounded by exotic animals? This hotel has got you covered. Submerged in a deeply green forest-y area of the Resort, this hotel has animals you can view from your balcony and they can walk right up to you (near, don’t get scared!). It was truly breathtaking and probably my picky dad’s favorite!

(More economical choices within the resort that are highly recommended are: Disney’s Coronado Spring Resort (travel to your ideal Mexican getaway), The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort (the first Disney Hotel I ever stayed in, and a family favorite due to the fact that it can fit the whole family. If you’re a camping pro, you can even rent a camp ground for your RV in here for much less!), Disney’s Port Orleans Resort, a small taste of New Orleans awaits, if you can handle it :)).

Elsa freezes the Magic Kingdom! Cinderella’s Castle, Magic Kingdom over the Holidays. 


  • Boma, Flavors of Africa: A buffet style restaurant showcasing the rich flavors of Africa! I tried everything and I am a picky eater. EVERYTHING was amazing! You cannot as much s you want for the price! (avg: $29.99/person). Location: Animal Kingdom Lodge, Animal Kingdom Area.
  • 1900 Park Fare: You’re invited to the Grounds of the Grand Floridian to dine as Cinderella’s Guest. I took my little niece here for her third birthday and she still doesn’t forget it! Cinderella, her evil stepmother and sisters, and her Prince Charming come Table to Table for a one-on-one with you, your family, and kiddos! If it’s one of the children’s birthday notify the restaurant ahead so that they’re invited to dance with the characters and a cupcake will be at their table after their dance. Disney also offers a hotline for parents to order a cake in your kids’ favorite character theme, for around $80.
  • Ohana: MY FAVORITE!!!!!! Ohana is located inside the Polynesian Resort– the moment you walk in your breath if taken away from the view of the Castle in the background. It’s a several meal course including (chicken, shrimp and meat) salad, their famous bread pudding for dessert. Each server brings you the meat on a  stick and puts it in your plate fresh from the grill.
Olaf and I


In Park Eats:

Magic Kingdom: The Crystal Palace (Lunch and Dine with Winnie the Pooh and Friends (buffet style)), Cinderella’s Royal Table inside the Castle (extra fancy, phone reservations required).

Animal Kingdom: The Tusker House – Buffet Style, character dining. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy make the rounds to each table in their safari attire best!  (Note: Animal Kingdom is the smallest of the Parks but expanding! They just opened Pandora a World of Avatar a few months back and I will update you guys on it once I visit next month).

Hollywood Studios: I haven’t really sat down and dined at Hollywood Studios for it’s also a smaller park compared to Epcot and Magic Kingdom. I usually just grab food as I walk in little cafes. They do have the Hollywood Derby Restaurant the runs bit pricy but people love it!

Epcot: What is unique about Epcot is their embrace of cultures around the world… literally, The World Showcase brings to America a unique ‘showcase’ of countries around the world, their cultures, traditions and food (and beverages, looking at you Germany). I have eaten in Norway, Mexico, Morocco (my favorite)m\, Germany and France all thanks to Walt Disney’s bright idea to highlight the best of our neighboring cultures. What’s is unique about Epcot is that every year, from around August 31- Late November Epcot brings us the Annual “Food and Wine Festival”. The festival brings in little kiosks around the World Showcase lagoon adding more countries to its roster. Its also one of the parks that allows you to drink alcohol (Magic Kingdom prohibits it). So when countries bring their traditional food they pair it with a wine that you must try— Try it around the world—–Floored around the World. In their defense, Soaring at the end of the World Showcase is that much more fun to ride! LOL! My friends and I even make shirts with Disney puns  for this festival as tradition… Last year my shirt has a wine glass wrapped in Cinderella’s dressed and it said “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boozed”.

Jerry at the Italy Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase trying some cannoli with his  Prince Charming “Once Upon A Drink” at last year’s Food & Wine Festival (pun intended on the shirt). 

I will write a blog post about this year’s festival later after I attend in September with pictures of the food and wine and what countries I recommend visiting– this blog post is probably putting you to sleep! LOL.

I decided talking about the theme parks and ride is also another blog post within itself… So that’ll come after I visit the new Pandora land!

As Always any questions send me an IG message!

Love, Baseball and Disney Magic,


The Positive Side of the Baseball Life

To the hard-working, unconditional loving women of baseball…. This one is for you.

Parkview Field, San Diego Padres Class A Affiliate, Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Lately, my heart has been so happy to see how many women can relate to the lifestyle that we willingly chose to lead in the name of love. From bloggers, to YouTubers, to 9-5 office ladies, to CEOS, to at home mommies, we all chose to make our lives work, away from home and chasing a dream that our men share since they were kids: MLB.

Don’t get me wrong, this lifestyle is hard and it doesn’t stop in Major League Baseball. Some aspects get easier financially, like travel. Having worked alongside MLB for 10 years, I can also say in some aspects, it gets tougher.

We, the women, are the behind the scenes. We’re the producers, the assistant, the lover, the best friend, the accountant, the advisor, the therapy, and perhaps the closest thing to home these guys will have for more than half the year. We are the only familiar territory in the trades, the changes, the call ups, the call downs, the injuries, the struggles. We go were they go. We adapt. We change. We start over… and over and sometimes, over again.

Most of my friends say that they could never give up their lives for a man in a baseball uniform. I say to them, I didn’t think I would either. I was happy in Miami and I always envisioned my life in the shores of South Beach. Then LOVE happened.

Never has it been more true when they say “you’ll know”…I knew I loved Jerry the moment I saw him. I know that my whole life, my heart breaks prior and my clashes against my walls, had been for the sole purpose of having him in my life. I couldn’t help who I loved or the lifestyle he chose to live. I knew I couldn’t change it.

A lot of the serious talks I have with Jerry are mostly venting unnecessary frustrations of then “when?”, “why?”, “How?”…. Much of his answers are still, two years in, a simple “I don’t know”. See, to most people this looks like Jerry isn’t trying enough, what they don’t understand, is that Jerry is trying to provide a safe haven for myself and future, with all his might… He just doesn’t know where he’ll be today, tomorrow, and lets not even think of next year. That’s baseball. A lifestyle of I don’t knows that few women are willing to commit to.

Jerry and I (Home Screen on my phone, lol) our first full year in baseball.

Sure, it gets pretty of paper. Different cities, travel, luxury hotels… that’s MLB. You haven’t seen the hotels you stay in while you’re in the MiLB. La Quinta is a 5 star resort in comparison. You may be asking at this point of this blog post, why do we deal with it?


I find in each of the women that I have met in my situation a tremendous amount of courage. A non-hesitant will to submerge themselves in the unknown to truly understand this world. I find strength to carry on knowing that others are living what I’m living. I find passion strong enough to keep a starting family together. I find hope, in each of their hearts that are this long ballpark nights and the craziness of each pitch, that everything will be worth it…one way or another. You see, this dream is not promised. Its fleeting in fact… But it’s an incredible life.

I have flown to states I never thought I would and found the most amazing of people. I have been in middle America and the coasts. I have made temporary homes in people’s houses. I have made family and life long friends that will forever understand me and my decisions without question.

Jerry and I 

I find it damn refreshing that all these ladies, and their spouses and/or boyfriends, have the will to live a crazy life in the name of love. In today’s world, where you can’t  turn on the news without getting a sense of depression, i find it heartwarming that these ladies are out there in the name of love, for the sake of a growing family, for the thought of being next to their love, for better or worse.

I find strength in baseball and it’s ladies. I find a little of myself in them as well.

Keep loving, keep living, you’re the ones that are making it happen and inspiring others along the way, like myself. Youre living life next to the man you love, whats a bigger reward than that?

Some of the ladies of the San Antonio Missons in May 2017 ❤

Love and Baseball,


Letters To Jerry — I.

Inspired by  the man I have loved… and will always. Dedicated to every hopeless romantic.

❤ ❤ ❤

I sat here with a cup of tea, and debated if I really wanted to start this series of blog posts that I so conveniently named “Letters to Jerry”. These posts will be short-poem-like scribbles of my mind, inspired by love. I wanted to let the readers and the ones looking to relate in this forever-sought ideal of LOVE, a place where they can find a common ground. Whether you are in a relationship, married, engaged, just-met-someone, or heartbroken… “Letters To Jerry” is a place where we can just know we aren’t alone in what we feel.

Jerry and I- San Antonio, Texas, 2017.

Day I.

Sometimes I don’t tell you enough–

That you have a way with me…that you make me believe

How terrifying it is, that each moment of our lives is so fleeting? But how thrilling. I’d like two minutes with you, than live forever without you.

I always thought that somehow love wasn’t meant for me. Each heart ache I faced, destroyed the very thought of the only thing I ever really prayed for.

Every cheater that fooled me, every one who didn’t take me seriously– the ones that came along and the timing was off.

Then YOU happened. Every thought of you filled my heart with happiness, every phone call made me hope again. How do I tell you, Jerry, that you saved me?

Friends could give someone bad, yet good intentioned advice, and say not to put all your hopes and dreams in one jar. They say that experiences are your best lessons…

But how can I explain to the ones– that never seen stone seem fragile, the strength you give me?

They say God never gives you what you want, that He gives you what you need— what better proof than you?

And while you pieced my heart back together with duct tape kisses, you’ve restored my hope and turned my dream of love, an incomparable reality.



Claudia. 2017.


The Sleep Styler.. A Review.

As seen on the TV Show Shark Tank


Hey Guys,

I have been spo excited to share this with you guys! Jerry is an avid and proud audience member for the TV show Shark Tank. I remember sometime in April, I got an almost frantic phone call about how he just saw a woman introduce the Sharks to a product that would be every on-the-go woman’s dream come true.

A revolutionary hair roller, that would require only damp hair, your usual products to style but no HEAT TOOLS. It promised to curl or straighten your hair while you slept… the foam of the roll is actually very much like a memory foam and can be very comfy if you’re not too picky.

I needed to try. 

The downside? I ordered in April and just this past week did I received my package. I guess the demand is very high and they’re still a small business.

Now, if you’ve read or followed me you know my hair can be unruly, dry (hence my excitement for no heating tools), and frizzy. My main concern was, if I don’t have to blow dry it before, would I be a walking Mufasa (aka Frizzy CC) ?

I washed my hair, used my regular shampoo and conditioner, and waited for my hair to be about 60/70 percent dry, applied my styling products, divided my hair into sections and grabbed my Sleep Styler package. I got the long rollers, and the package brings 8 which are actually a perfect amount for any hair.


I then proceeded to go relax in bed, though I did NOT sleep on these because it was earlier in the day but I did wait about 6 hours which is the average sleep time I get daily, with them on.


(If you want a video I uploaded a Youtube video of me removing my rollers, raw and unedited: The Sleep Styler First Impression)

I have to say I was overall very impressed. My hair was a bit frizzy at the root but it was nothing I couldn’t fix and my waves were beautifully pronounced. For someone who knows very little about hair styling and/or has limited time in the morning, this product is worth the while (literally if you think about the shipping).

My second and third day curls were also great, though it’ll naturally be a little less formed. I am looking to try doing it with the OUAI new “memory mist” which is supposed to lock down your hair style until you shampoo again: The Ouai Memory Mist so I can enjoy the curls longer.

I have yet to try how to straighten hair with the Sleep Styler but once I do, you can follow me on IG for results! (IG: ccbella24).



This was me right after I removed my sleep stylers. I couldn’t have been happier!

If I could change something for next time beside using the OUAI, is to maybe actually SLEEP with these on since they’re designed to do that–maybe my curls would be even more defined. Also, I would suggest maybe drying the root of your hair a bit with a blow-dry, just quickly, and wait until your hair is 80 percent air-dried rather than 60%, this would help the definition of the curl or create smooth strands for a sleeker style.

The Price for The Sleep Styler is $29.95 + $5.95 S & H.

If this is the price I have to ultimately pay to spend less on hair irons, curlers, and giving my hair a break from heating [thus making it healthier] then by all means.

For the gals worried about frizz: I live in Miami, and if my hair could actually look VERY decent in this humidity, you can trust it! JUST please read the things I would do differently (again waiting until the hair is 80 percent dry, and maybe using strong hair products for sleeker roots)!




SheaMouisture x Influenster (Non Paid “Collab”).

“Little Gems thanks to VoxBox from @Influenster”


Hey everyone,

I have been putting off this post because if I want this to be my way, I will not lie to you in order to gain sales. I really like to take my time and test a product, because if you’re anything like me, I’m tired of looking all over the internet for honesty about them.


I have combination skin… weather and seasons really affect it. Also, recently, I have highlighted hair which is the first time in my whole life that I have ever dyed it.

The biggest change for me was actually maintenance. I was so used to using no specific shampoo and not worry about it. My hair started falling out horribly, split ends where a nightmare, and my once thick, lucious hair was extra dry, thin and brittle.

Don’t get me wrong I know that dying my hair would lead to some change but I was desperate to find products that would take care of it. Regularly, I do have a lot of natural oil in it but my ends were getting out of hand. Then, I was offered a complimentary voxbox from Influenster!

These products were for all around care not just hair, and I loved this box!

The first time I tried SheaMoisture was when my cousin introduced be to their post shave spray so that my legs wouldn’t get irritated. I LOVE this! I suffered from bad razor rashes no matter what I tried– and this product helped to keep it down! So when Influenster offered me the opportunity to try SheaMoisture products I was SOLD!

I received the products from their Coconut and Hibiscus Line perfect for dryer skin, chapped lips and unruly hair.



The first things I reached for were the lip balm and the shampoo and conditioner. The hair products contained Silk Protein and Neem Oil.

Neem is often referred as a “plant with promise” in countries like India, because of its healing powers when it comes to acne, hair growth and recovery of hair loss. It’s also great as a dandruff treatment, treats frizz by nourishing the strands/hydrating the hair, and it repairs damaged hair cuticles as well. Silk Protein is known to be good for dehydration of the skin and strengthen hair.

When I told my hair dresser I was using head and shoulders she almost had a cardiac arrest and said that it could be also why I was over drying my hair– so this box came at a perfect time in my search for a new shampoo and conditioner.


After about a month of using these products I can say that I LOVE them. They did not disappoint. My skin has been more vibrant and plump while my hair has been easier to manage. Take Note, I don’t only use these products for my hair styling routine, but thats a blog post coming up (with video).

They smell amazing too! I have a deep sensitivity to strong, perfume smells so this was pleasant and it smelled naturally good (its the coconut and hibiscus). My hair has been more hydrated (I only wash about 2-3 times a week), and I have NOT been bullied by the humidity in this Miami climate.

The Lipbalm:

I suffer from EXTRA dry CHAPPED lips, constantly… Its not cute! This lip balm not only went on smooth on the lips, it did not chalk up. My lips stayed hydrated and I did not find myself with the need to reapply constantly. WIN WIN!


Thanks SheaMouisture and Influenster for these amazing products! I can’t wait to purchase full sizes of the Shampoo and Conditioner!



My Travel Essentials (Carry On Help)

“Travel more, Travel Often”


In the life of a “baseball gypsy”, it’s no secret were on the constant move and our whereabouts are sometimes…. whats the word?…unstable.

This year has proven to be much more of that than previously. I have found myself in the  Midwest, Texas, and the West Coast in a month probably. I have not mastered how to not let emotions overcome these little baseball induced scenarios and consequent panic attacks, but I have mastered the things I carry on the plane with me, besides my tears (of joy and nostalgia).

Depending on the length of my stay or my destination, I decide if to pack a carry on or a checked bag. Remember most airlines allow you to check a bag weighing 50 pounds or less… but that’s a whole other blog post.

I want to discuss with you all today is something I have found and have been using for the last year or so that have become staples in my purse, carry on  ( or just the personal item I carry on board) and/or my wardrobe.

East coast to west coast flights and returns are a hassle, so I book red eyes because I find the hassle becomes, well, less…hassly?

*Travel tip: sign up for tsa precheck or clear (security). I have Clear, it’s $169 annually. It saves me tsa line times!

If you know me, then you know that I am utterly obsessed with Lululemon Athletica clothing. They are comfortable for workouts, yoga sessions, and (duh!) traveling. They DO run a bit pricy but they also have discounts for MiLB players and plenty of outlet stores throughout the country. Jerry has gotten me a lot of stuff as gifts because it’s a safe bet, as have I for him, but one of my favorite things I bought at their Miami location…

Let me introduce you to my partner in traveling crime, the Vinyasa Wrap.


I own the Vinyasa Wrap in two colors. A blue hue one and a black and white print one, two colors that I can easily combine with other articles of clothing. The wrap itself has little snap buttons that make it versatile to wear in plenty of ways (check YouTube for tutorials on it). You can literally wear this as a scarf, a vest, a halter, a throw on, etc. It also has holes to put your arms through if you want to wear as a little cardigan.

They have saved my life on flights; whether the person next to me is sick, I can cover my face. I can use it to nap, or because airplanes get chilly… This comes with me to every airport.

Whats the best part? it recently went on sale for only $29 and the Lululemon site offers free shipping! ( Link Here: Vinyasa Wrap). They come in a variety of colors!

Another thing that has saved my life when it comes to packing (saves tons of space) : the Eagle Creek Pack It System cubes in a set of 3.


I pack my tanks and soft shirts in one, my smaller items like intimates in the smallest one, and in the large one my dresses and jeans. I cannot tell you how much I can pack because of these babies. If I am gone for a week I can pack just a carry on. Check them out here: (Eagle Creek Pack It System Cubes) 

I also have a whole regime I take with me when it comes to skin care because my skin gets so dry with travel (see previous blog post), but I have recently added the L’Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream, and I cannot say enough. It keeps my dry hands hydrated for the entire day including flight time not to mention they smell so amazing!!! Try it here: (L’Occitane Cream).

Do not forget a lip balm (no gloss, at least for me) and antibacterial gel because [ airplane germs!!! ].

Another website that I love for travel goodies is Claudia’s Favorite Goodies for Travel, because everyone knows I MUST remain organized!



Don’t forget a camera to take lots of snapshots of your trip! Memories are worth capturing!

Bon Voyage!

Claudia ❤

My Happy Place in My Home State

“With summer  upon us– sometimes, the biggest paradise we could find is our backyard”


Hello Guys!



This is probably one– of a five series dedicated to the wonders of my home state of Florida. I want this blog to really showcase my love for everything home grown and the beauty of our state. I truly feel lucky to live here, though I know my life will take me somewhere new with Jerry, but I’m thankful that this will always be home base (pun intended!).

From the crystal clear shores of South Beach, to the science in Cape Canaveral, to the magic of Walt Disney World… I will LOVE to cover it all, so I decided to split this into a 5 posts series of my favorite spots in Florida.

Whether you’re from here, or looking to visit, I hope this post helps you navigate our waters!

(Side Note: Please follow @visitflorida on INSTAGRAM from more cool ideas, from travelers to travelers!)


I decided to dedicate part one to the Florida Keys. I am lucky enough to live about 45 minutes from Key Largo so it’s easy for me to grab lunch and head back in one day. Granted, I live about a 3.5 hour drive to the southernmost key, Key West, and I haven’t made my way there since I was a teen. (Jerry and I are planning to this September).

What I love about the Keys is how it grants me the chance to disconnect without leaving too far from home. It is literally night and day compared to the busy Miami streets plus I can choose to stay the night or head back. I am most familiar with Key Largo and Islamorada, though my first Kayak experience was in Marathon Key.

Dont expect too many actual beaches in the Keys, you get bodies of water good for boating and sand bars, but not actual beaches. What makes up for it is the atmosphere, the steel drum bands, the cocktails and Key Lime pies.. After all, the Beach Boys didn’t sing about it in “Kokomo” for nothing!

While in Key Largo, the one time I decided to spend the night right after baseball season last year, we stayed at the CUTEST little lodge called : Dove Creek Lodge. It’s perfectly located next to bars and great restaurants, and offers a serene and private atmosphere perfect for a romantic gateway. It’s clean, stylish and they offer breakfast with Key Lime pie in cups!


Jerry being the little traveler he is discovered my absolute Favorite place to eat and relax: Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill (visit here: Big Chill – Key Largo). The food is amazing!!!! I usually order a pina colada, the calamari, potato skins with BBQ chicken, and the Busting Onion. The burger I tried was chicken seasoned with Jerk, and it was so bomb I dream about it!


(Excuse Jerry’s Best Friend, Dalton in the background LOL) #candids

Right next to Big Chill, you can order your parasailing boat, or jet ski’s after lunch and enjoy the best water activities without having to move your car. Also, conveniently, the Marriott Key Largo is also a neighbor!


(Sunglasses are from Quay Australia x Desi Perkins “High Key” in Blue. Shop here: High Key Sunnies) (Shell Clutch is from Kayu Designs and it comes in different colors! Shop here: Jane Clutch)


(Cover up from The Boutique, a local miami store: The Boutique)

As I said, I have made my way to Islamorada where I ran into a little “beach” called “Anne’s Beach” it’s a perfect family setting to enjoy a picnic (they have tables) or just lay out and relax! Enjoy some of the pictures I took while there:

Anne’s Beach



I can’t wait to share with you all more of my journey in my little paradise and I work my way more South. I am grateful I get  a little piece of heaven in my backyard.

If you ever make your way down to the Keys, I’ll join you. Even the drive on Overseas Highway is worth it.